Artillery fire

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Artillery fire

Message par RocketSix » lun. 30 déc. 2019 11:51

Can artillery fire in the final fire phase (if it didn't fire in preparatory fire) . I can't find the explicite section that forbids is to fire twice (with an action marker) ... unless its the "artillery can initiate fire once per turn" ?

sorry for so many dumb questions ! :oops:

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Re: Artillery fire

Message par evilgong » lun. 30 déc. 2019 21:39

Hiya, they get an Action marker so they can't initiate a second shot - but they can reply. They can shoot at either point in the sequence.


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Re: Artillery fire

Message par hcaille » lun. 3 févr. 2020 14:44

agree : only one fire/round but can return fire each time it is fired on.

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Re: Artillery fire

Message par Manolo » dim. 30 août 2020 14:05

Can artillery move after prep firing?

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Re: Artillery fire

Message par RogerGreenwood » lun. 31 août 2020 12:39

The rules permit artillery to fire, limber and move. This would only be an option if they fire in the preparatory phase. One presumes that you declare this when firing so you cannot get the stationary bonus.