Non Napoleonic Armies.

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Non Napoleonic Armies.

Message par Banjoman » mar. 14 juil. 2020 23:27

Has anyone tweaked the rules to allow games between non napoleonic armies in the same approximate period and using the same approximate tactics. Three that spring to mind are (a) The Anglo American war of 1812, (b) The wars of independence in South America, and (c) The Sikh Wars. All are colourful and should be playable under the rules.

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Re: Non Napoleonic Armies.

Message par Bivoj » ven. 17 juil. 2020 13:38

I hope for extension to 18c. especially SYW and WAS.

Duc d'Brisbane
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Re: Non Napoleonic Armies.

Message par Duc d'Brisbane » mar. 4 août 2020 06:10

Currently experimenting with extended periods where the command, tactics and maneuver is still basically Napoleonic with more infantry units SK capable ... cavalry still in use, although more vunerable to firepower, and great advances in artillery.

Advances in small arms firepower look good on paper, but are not that radically different on the battlefield yet for the average infantry unit. Early machine guns are about as effective as Napoleonic rocket batteries :)

- Crimean War
- Franco Prussian War
- Russo Japanese War
- Maybe some early WW1 theatres where it's still about maneuver with a Napoleonic feel. Still shuffling battalions around the field in Divisional formations.

Will be a few months yet till I get around to it though. Should be a tonne of fun :)