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Skirmisher and artillery

Posté : mar. 18 juin 2019 10:33
par gibbyj
Hi, as I translate some of the rules, hopefully my understanding improves. So I just wanted to check on a scenario.

My detached skirmishers 2 bases approach artillery and an enemy line unit and stop at 2.5 UD.

So my reading of the rules says the formed line is my target priority so I must shoot at them.

Because I am more than 2 UD from the artillery, they can shoot through at a target beyond.
However even though the skirmishers did not fire at the artillery it still has a -1 because it is in the zone of fire of the skirmisher.
Is this correct?

Re: Skirmisher and artillery

Posté : sam. 22 juin 2019 14:24
par francoisT
Hello Jim
The rules say that artillery has the malus for being in the fire zone of the skirmisher not because the skirmisher is firing at her.

So for me the answer is yes.


Re: Skirmisher and artillery

Posté : dim. 23 juin 2019 21:39
par gibbyj
Thank you, I am pleased to say at Saumur, this was the consensus.

Re: Skirmisher and artillery

Posté : mar. 2 juil. 2019 13:19
par hcaille
I confirm :D