Bataille Empire at Britcon 2024 – 9-11th August, Nottingham:

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Bataille Empire at Britcon 2024 – 9-11th August, Nottingham:

Message par Adrian Steer » sam. 20 janv. 2024 11:56

This is the third time BE has been played at the premier national multi themed tournament (including a trade show) in the UK and it would be great to have a good turn out to grow the playing of BE in the UK further.
Coalition armies v Republican/Empire armies

This 15mm event will run with 5 games over the weekend (Friday evening, 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday).
• Players can enter using either Coalition armies or French Republican/Empire armies and will be grouped with other players using similar forces in order to form two "teams" .
• All games will be organised as Coalition vs Republican/Empire army (Red v Blue)
• Players with armies for both sides are encouraged to submit lists for both in order to make it easier for us to balance numbers of players on each "team".
• If submitting two lists you are able to flag your preference to the list checker who will do their best to achieve even numbers on both sides whilst respecting as many preferences as possible.
• The umpire will act as spare to even up numbers if required.
• All army lists should comply with the requirements in the BE version 2 rulebook, all National Characteristics as detailed in the army list section of the rule book will be in play, this includes the British Shrapnel rule for artillery including the points cost.
• Army lists should be 200 pts maximum. Army lists should be submitted using the standard Excel spreadsheet available on the BE Website or Roger Greenwoods alternative program (available through the forum) (please send army list file). Please include the exact army’s name (as detailed in the army lists)
• Any published errata documents for V2 will be used and considered part of the rules.
• Standard sized tables of 120mm * 80mm
• Standard size units must have a frontage of between 6cm - 8cm in line and 3cm - 4cm in column.
• 1 MU = 3cm.
• Preset terrain will be used to increase playing time to help players complete games. Terrain will be generated utilisation a computer-generated print-out fully compliant with the rules (using the system at ) a number of players may be asked to bring terrain for a table set-up depending on the number of entries.
• Players should bring with them: their army, at least 1 printout of their army list, measuring apparatus, tokens to indicate attrition, casualties and disorder, dice, tokens to indicate objectives and tokens to indicate divisional orders.
• Depending on numbers attending we will work to ensure that club members do not play each other, and players do not play each other twice during the event, if possible. Within these caveats the draw each round will otherwise seek to match top-scoring players from each team in Red on Blue matchups

Venue : Nottingham City Campus conference and event centre, 10 Goldsmith St, Nottingham NG1 4BU.
Accommodation:- All gamers who have already booked rooms will be housed in the nearby Gill Street Halls of Residence, 5 minutes walk either along Goldsmith Street, or through the back of the venue and up Dryden Street. Rates are on the Britcon Booking page.
Date : 9th to 11th August 2024:- Friday: 6:00pm earliest start, 7:30 latest start, play to a conclusion or around 11 pm. Saturday: 09:30-13:00, 14:00-17.30 Sunday : 09:00-12:30, 13:30-17:00.
Format : This is an open event so any army from the army lists in the rule book is welcome
Details : Pre set tables set by organisers using system compliant with the rules, 5* 3.5 hour games - hard stop at end.
Price : £60 entry for the weekend

For more details and entry go to the website page :
Or contact the BE event organiser who will email you the details.