Jaskowo scenario query

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Jaskowo scenario query

Message par SgtRolfSteiner » lun. 13 janv. 2020 00:14


Setting up this scenario from book and i note that in French OOB that there are several Legere units listed but are showing as Line (LN) rather than Lights (LT) is this correct or a a typo ?


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Re: Jaskowo scenario query

Message par fdunadan » lun. 13 janv. 2020 18:29

It"s the same in the French version. The name"Légère" was not an indication of the main employ of the troop.

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Re: Jaskowo scenario query

Message par hcaille » lun. 3 févr. 2020 14:21

It is a typo :oops:

Legere units should be "LT"
Moreover french can always deploy one line unit by division in skirmisher formation.