Formation change

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Formation change

Message par aohtonen » mer. 12 févr. 2020 01:38

Hi there

If I have a Class B infantry unit in column can I move him 3 UDs (half his movement rate) then put him in square?
I thought i saw on the French forums that you use the movement rate of the formation you are in before you change to a new formation

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Re: Formation change

Message par sueznick » mer. 12 févr. 2020 16:43

A formation change can be made before, after or during movement. If you move before the change you move at the speed of the original formation, make the change and then if you have any move left it is at the speed of the new formation. So the short answer is yes, class B infantry in column can move 3 UD and then change to line or square.

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Re: Formation change

Message par hcaille » jeu. 13 févr. 2020 14:38

I confirm :)

Class B In column : 3 UD + change to square
Class B in line : 2 UD + change to square