Artillery Protection

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Artillery Protection

Message par KeefM » lun. 13 sept. 2021 22:32

heya all,

This came up in a game a few weeks back, and I was completely happy with how we'd resolved it at the the time but have subsequently been wondering whether we had it right or not.

In our game, a horse battery had a friendly cavalry unit in line against the battery rear edge. We played it as the horse battery having 2 secure flanks just as per infantry protection and also getting the +1 morale support.

On later reading though, it seems that only infantry provide 2 secure flanks in this situation ? And that cavalry cannot do so ?

As I read it on pages 47, 48 and 62, a single cavalry unit can only provide 1 secure flank; and then has to be to either right or left flank of the battery, and the battery would get a +1 morale support as well.

If to the rear of the battery (ie if it was in the position of Infantry Unit B1 in the diagram on page 62), the cavalry unit would only provide a +1 morale support to the battery and not count toward secure flanks of the battery. Is that right ?



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Re: Artillery Protection

Message par zeitoun » mar. 14 sept. 2021 09:55

Exactly. Only +1 for rear suppport.

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Re: Artillery Protection

Message par RogerGreenwood » mar. 14 sept. 2021 14:54

Yes, that looks to be exactly what the rules say.