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Couple of queries

Posté : mar. 3 déc. 2019 18:17
par SgtRolfSteiner

As per page 47 a unit can gain +1 morale support for each of two flanks and rear.
On page 56 under morale tests it states +1 for any Support
Is this +1 in total or do you still count up to +3 for multiple supports ?

Does a unit in a building count as Formed for purposes of support ?


Re: Couple of queries

Posté : mar. 3 déc. 2019 21:44
par zeitoun

P47 it's for close combat. You can have 3 supports.

P56 you can only claim +1 for being supported (by a unit , or if in square or in medium or hard cover. And not +1 for each support like in close combat.

Unit in a building is not formed. SO not able to give moral support , but can make a fire support in combat.

Olivier M

Re: Couple of queries

Posté : jeu. 5 déc. 2019 10:23
par hcaille
I confirm that for Morale test, you can only have one support.

A unit in a building can give morale support to adjacent building or units (cf. page 73, 5th bullet).
Even though a unit in building have no formation, it's presence is sufficient to boost morale.